“We shall rebuild the nation by decisively responding to the needs and problems of the various sectors of our society”

“We shall also fix the government and make our country crime-free, drug-free, corruption-free, insurgency-free and poverty-free”


Social Transformation. We shall see to it that the government and the private sector fulfill its social obligations to its constituents and that the Filipino citizens shall fulfill their social obligations to each other.

Economic Transformation. We shall support every citizen in building his capability to have a life worthy of human dignity. Each and every family has to be economically empowered. As the ultimate recipient of our society’s wealth and fruits of progress, we will develop each and every Filipino family not only as basic social unit but as an economic unit of our society. The poor Filipino families and individuals should be the primary beneficiaries of our economic prosperity.

Cultural Transformation. We shall promote, preserve, develop and appreciate the history, culture and arts of the different Filipino ethnic and indigenous communities as part of our diverse national cultural heritage.

Sectoral Transformation. We assure the various sectors of our society their representation and participation in the affairs of the government and to help them develop their capacities in the delivery of basic services to their constituents.

Political Transformation. We shall support and defend the ordinary citizens in the exercise of their civil and political rights freely and meaningfully without unnecessary restraint. We shall promote and develop among our citizens, political maturity and sensibilities. We opposed any form of dictatorship and military adventurism as we uphold the supremacy of the Constitution at all times. We also oppose the concentration of political powers to the few. We shall oppose the existence of political dynasties and we shall cause its dismantling. We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, narco-politics.

“Our politics is politics of principles, not politics of patronage. It is a politics of ideas, not politics of personalities. It is program and action-based. It is not a politics of gold, guns and goons”.

“The hallmark of our politics is people’s transformation which has social, economic, cultural, sectoral and political dimensions that our people must support, protect and fight for”.


Nationalism — even as we pursue amity with all nations, we shall protect at all times the interest of the Filipino people in all fields of human endeavor. Our people’s interest is paramount and non-negotiable. We shall establish an educational system that shall teach nationalism, love of country, good manners and right conduct and respect for fellow Filipinos.

Patriotism — our love for our country is indivisible. We shall defend her to our last breath. Every Filipino must feel proud of his/her roots.

Honesty — is the greatest moral value in all human relations. We shall instill it in the heart and mind of every Filipino, young and old.

Integrity and Delicadeza — are core values in public service. He who does not have it has no right whatsoever to be in government service.


A Filipino nation that is free from illegal drugs, crime, corruption, insurgency and poverty under a federal system of government.


To rebuild the nation through democratic processes, meritocracy, professionalism, integrity and competence in governance; promote national unity, peace and genuine reconciliation; and establish a compassionate government to uplift the poor and underprivileged.

ULTIMATE GOAL Our ultimate goal is to provide good governance that will ensure social, economic and political justice for all, particularly the marginalized and the disadvantaged sectors of our society.